Entry #1


2018-03-13 17:51:28 by SynthSoda

Hey. Making this update cause I havent done anything online for a while.

I havent been on discord or really anything except twitter for a while. Thats not on purpose Im not trying to avoid anybody or cut off friends, I really hope it doesnt come off that way because you guys r cool. Ive been busy with real life stuff and it pretty muchhas drained all my time. I really didnt realize that was the case untill like a week ago when i saw the date of  my last post.

Im still doing art just not alot of digital.I kinda fell off that wagon for a bit. Im trying to get back into it slowly. I want to try and post more but i dont want to set it in stone.

Thats pretty much it. Ill probably delete this eventually. If you want to reach me for any reason im on twitter @synthsoda



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